Official images of water-proof Samsung Galaxy S 4 Active (AT &T version) leaked (Update: Deep Blue Colour)

Official images of water-proof Samsung Galaxy S 4 Active (AT &T version) leaked (Update: Deep Blue Colour)


It’s not a secret anymore, the Galaxy S IV Active waterproof version of the GS4 has a few leaked images available on the web. @Evleaks brought to us an AT & T version of the alternative version of the GS4. From the image above it seems like an official promotional image and we can now have a clearer look on it.

From what we heard before the GS4 Active is code-named J Active. The AT & T version model name is SGH-I537. With regards to its specification, the Active is on the same 5 inch 1080p Super AMOLED HD display, powered up with a 1.9 Ghz Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 quad core processor with an Adreno 320 GPU. The difference between this version and the original GS4 is a downgraded main camera which has only 8 Mega pixel. The front camera remains at 1.9 mega pixel.

The battery capacity is also at 2600 mah. But the Active has, according to its water proof capability, changed to a metallic material with 4 screws at the back cover. What we think is the Active had non – replaceable battery because it seems very difficult to remove the back cover. In terms of connectivity, the Active still supports 4G LTE network, Bluetooth 4.0 and NFC.

At the front, the buttons are made in physical forms for users to operate under water.

In view of the date 20.6.2013 in the image. It seems that will be the release date for the waterproof flagship.


Update: Deep Blue Colour version Galaxy S IV Active (GS4 Active) Side Image (2.6.2013)



We got from @evleaks another shocking photo of the GS4 Active which is the deep blue colour version of the same Active device. Basically the GS4 Active has 3 bumper colours and this is the latest we’ve got. The GS4 Active has the same water-proof specification as the Sony Xperia Z which is the IP7. The device can be used in 1M underwater. The blue colour reflects a more metallic colour approach which is not seen in earlier products in Samsung Mobile.

The GS4 is expected to debut 20.6.2013 in London with the remaining colours. This is seen as a product refresh as the look and colours used in the GS4, Note 2 is having a slight modification. However, it seems the Design 2.0 mentioned by Shin, the Samsung Mobile CEO, is not yet over. The Design 3.0 project is yet to be released may be in as earliest in 2014.

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