X Phone to be named “Moto X” says Motorola CEO

There were reportedly appearance of What is believed to be the Google X Phone.  Recently,  according to the Verge,  the Motorola CEO said that the name of that rumoured phone is Moto X and it is made in USA in preparation for an October launch.

There were some old rumors that Google,  after buying out Motorola,  decided to ditch the X phone idea.  It also dragged customers attention over the true or false of the existence of such a powerful phone. Some the Motor X could be the biggest rival to iPhone and it is indestructible.

Being made in USA, the Moto X will have a 5 inch OLED display and 1.7 ghz Qualcomm snapdragon 600 processor and most importantly,  a 4,000 mah large battery. 

With this phone to be announced Maybe in October,  if you are considering getting an iPhone 5S you might think twice because it is gonna be a huge comparison between these two flagships.

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