OtterBox Commuter Series Case for Samsung Galaxy S IV Review

OtterBox Commuter Series Case for Samsung Galaxy S IV Review


OtterBox is a brand famous for their full protection and water-proof cases. Having reviewed some official accessories product of Samsung Galaxy S4, we now move on to review some unofficial third party accessories maker. OtterBox is on the top of our list to test on. This time we are looking at the OtterBox COMMUTER Series in which convenience is upheld. First of all, if you are looking for a case with very beautiful slim fit for your GS4, this might not be the “case” since OtterBox stress very much on the protection capability of the case. Being the No. 1 selling case for smartphone in the US, OtterBox sets its way out for very good all-rounded protection.

IMG_5239IMG_5240This case we’ve got is made for the Samsung Galaxy S IV and as you can see it covers every corner of the GS4. It has a sturdy, 2-layer protection where a polycarbonate outer layer and silicone inner layer are combined to produce the whole case. The silicone layer inside absorbs drops, bumps and shocks. The polycarbonate layer with some fishnet texture at the back could prevent the whole case from scratch and make the whole case stylish in a special way. One thing special about the Commuter series is they have buttons carved to suit the phone and it will be easy for users to maneuver the case. The power port and audio output slot will be covered by the port covers that keep out dust, debris and also rain water (it is not waterproof). However, when installing the case in seems the power port cover obstructed the whole instruction and it would be a bit difficult to push the Polycarbonate outer layer in because the silicone port cover is a bit too hard. Anyways, once the case is attached to the phone you will instantly feel the great protectionIMG_5241 IMG_5242 IMG_5243 IMG_5244 IMG_5245brought to you by this case. It feels more solid than holding the S4 naked because it adds appropriate weight to the phone. However, this might also become a turn-down for people looking for slim and light cases. The point is, this case is not for fashion, it is more practical kind of case. If your work or some activities require you to stay in outdoor environment, or you are simply a habitual phone dropper, this case might suit your need because it is really hardened. And since the silicone layer is covered by the smooth Polycarbonate, it slides easily in and out of pockets without the worry of accumulating dust on the silicone. After installing the case, it does feel heavier and thicker but not bulky at all, if you have bigger hands that you expect a better handling of your GS4, this might be a very good case to purchase. But as I have a medium size hand, I feel a bit stress in holding the phone-cum-case firmly. However, I would still recommend this case for those looking for a different hands-on feeling of the GS4 with the Commuter Case on. Indeed, that feels good in hand. Such industrial design of the OtterBox Commuter case is also attractive to certain people. This case is of course ideal for outdoor use.



Inside the box there is a Self-adhesive screen protector (along with a beautiful installation card) that prevents scratches on your screen. The installation went through very swiftly without added difficulty.


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