Samsung Galaxy S V (GS5) concept images surfaced.

Samsung Galaxy S V (GS5) concept images surfaced.

Galaxy-S5-concept-phone-1-490x326 Galaxy-S5-concept-phone-2-490x367 Samsung Galaxy S5-water splash-realistic (1)

Departing from the rounded edge design on the Galaxy S4 released this year as the Samsung 5 inch flagship, 91mobiles designed a very likely concept image of the Galaxy S V (GS5) which is expected to come a year after. The predicted GS5 is said to have built-in Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie and an improved battery (3200 mAh). As we can see in the Samsung’s line of product evolution, a bigger screen is “to be expected” in this new flagship for 2014. As far as the hardware is concerned, 91mobiles said it would be powered up by a 4GB Ram and 2 Ghz Octa-Core Processor. To remedy the current shortage of memory unit inside the Galaxy S IV, it seems the newest version of GS4, the GS5, is going to have a basic 32GBs inside as internal storage together with expandable memory given MicroSD card should work inside. In terms of the camera, it would be upgraded to 16 Mega Pixel for the main and 5 Mega Pixel for the front. Speaking of the design, the GS5 might look more like the Galaxy Note series and it will be much thinner and made out of metallic material. Some features such as water-proof and dust-proof abilities that were missed in the GS4 will be included in the GS5.

The launch date of GS5 is expected to be around March 2014 and the GS5 should be shipped before May 2014.

Source: 91mobiles


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