Samsung Galaxy S IV Extra Battery Kit Battery Charger Photo Review

Samsung Galaxy S IV Extra Battery Kit Battery Charger Photo Review


Samsung really has a very good strategy in selling their phone accessories, which are branded to fit the best of their own products. Unlike Apple who relies very much on third-party manufacturers in accessories production and marketing, Samsung does it themselves. Like what we have mentioned in our earlier posts regarding their official flip case and view case for the Galaxy S IV(GS4), the main theme of the GS4 official Samsung accessories are “Custom Fit” and “Quality Assurance”.


Our Battery charger (with a 2,600 mAh battery included) came as a gift from the carrier for the GS4 subscription plans. The functions of this battery charger is rather simple, plug your battery inside, plug your MicroUSB cable into the slot and then your battery will be fully charged in 1 to 2 hours depending on the remaining battery level. The charger’s design is quite trendy and looks elegant. At first sight, most people thought it was a portable battery charger. But in fact, it only charges with A/C power. The rounded finish and polycarbonate material used in this battery charger are nice. The battery can rest very neatly inside the pack and be charged. There is an LED indicator light that shows the charging status (Red, Yellow and Green). There are no cables included in the box so you might need to consider buying an additional one for the battery charger but I have developed a habit of charging the battery inside the charger instead of my phone. I only swap batteries so I don’t need to literally charge my phone and keep my GS4 running without the need to plug-in. Of course, the battery charger may work with portable battery chargers so you can also charge your back up battery on-the-go. The slim and tiny design of the battery charger makes it ideal for bringing out as a carrier of the battery. Although one battery crystal case is included in the box, you are strongly advised to bring the whole charger with you because I don’t think it cause you a lot of space in your pockets or handbags. You can charge it anywhere if you have a MicroUSB cable for it and when your batteries are out, simply open the flip and take the battery out, swap it, and your GS4 will be invincible in terms of battery life. We at myphonedaily have done some research regarding the GS4 battery life, we found that the GS4, under normal use (including messaging, simple web browsing and gaming), can last around 12 hours. Therefore, when you are really experiencing very low battery level maybe at night, you can simply take the additional battery out and continue using your phone without hesitation.


If you are very advanced user of your phone (GS4), you may want to consider purchasing one battery charger. The Extra Battery Kit is available into package, one is the sole battery charger, and the other one is a battery charger that comes with an additional battery (2,600 mAh). The later is available at the price of USD $60.99.
The Way Forward
I think the Extra Battery Kit is still something old in terms of generation. This kit is not really that technically advanced. What we are actually expecting is a standalone extra “portable” battery charging kit that has a built-in battery to charge the smartphone battery so you don’t need to plug in any other chargers or stick the extra battery kit onto the walls for A/C power.


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