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The perfect water resistant phone to own: Sony Xperia ZR

The perfect water resistant phone to own: Sony Xperia ZR


After the launch of the Xperia Z, Sony has introduced another vibrant variant of Xperia Z series called the Xperia ZR. The Sony Xperia ZR also has amazing water resistant capacities. The ZR can also be termed the mini Z since it is inserted with features identical to the Xperia Z. The ability to design water and dust resistant phones is a boon in today’s time, with the fast paced life and the need to multi task; there are chances of the phone getting lost in a washing machine.

The Xperia ZR is equipped with 4.6 inch LCD screen of High Definition Reality make. The resolution is extremely powerful at 1280 x 720 pixels, the company has introduced world class technology features, and the OptiContrast panel is the latest innovative technology employed in the phone. This impressive technology has brought a closer bond between touch and screen sensor by merging the sensor on the primary frame. Sony has chalked out a strategy to design a phone with superior touch facilities with a slender display. The most popular high tech technology introduced is the Bravia type of display.


The hardware spotlight of the phone is it operates on 1.5 Giga Hertz Snapdragon quad core processor of S4 type. The phone is delivered with an amazing interior memory of 8 Giga Bytes which has amazing expanding properties that can stretch to 32Giga Bytes through a card compartment of MicroSD type. The phone is offered with 2 Giga Bytes of RAM. The specs are mainly to preserve the sound along with dust and water proof capacities. In terms of specs, the phone is a sole profit maker.

There is one feature that separates the Sony Xperia ZR from other phones, the 13 mega pixel camera offered with the Exmor RS. The camera is fitted with powerful zoom capacities of 16x with auto and digital focus. The camera in front is inserted with entry make of VGA motion camera. The Xperia ZR similar to the Xperia Z is incorporated with dedicated shutter camera button which is embedded on the side.

The camera according to sources has not gathered supreme shooting and capturing capacities, the Xperia Z has dust and water resistant facilities where you can wash your devise like how you would wash your clothes and dishes. For deep sea divers, this phone can be used under water as well; you can receive calls under water and not worry about your phone getting lost on shore. You can capture marine life images of corals, sharks, whales and even the dolphins. For marine biologists you can communicate your research to your colleagues under water itself. The water resistant ability is one inventive feature that has the capacity to draw herds of customers into showrooms. The interesting part is the phone can be immersed in water up to 1.5 meters for a good period of 30 minutes.


The phone functions on Jelly Bean Android male of 4.1, the connectivity options are admirable with USB port, Bluetooth, NFC, EDGE, GPRS, Wi-Fi and so on. There is not much information on battery durability, but the company stated that the phone is manufactured with Stamina mode that can retain oodles of battery power. There cannot be a more exciting phone that the Xperia ZR with impressive features of dust and water resistant abilities along with quality battery durability where you can speak for hours.

The Xperia ZR according to company sources goes beyond boundaries and restraints which enables consumers to use the smartphone to the optimum. The admirable facets of the phone are the merge of breathtaking camera technology with exemplary water resistant abilities. This phone brings many elements together such as impeccable technology, media processes and effective touch screen handling capacities along with a string of beneficial accessories. The Xperia Z offers a range of features to enable consumers to have optimum amazing experiences with smartphones. This phone advertises to a significant level which showcases the phones incredible ability to resist water.

The features of the phone would grab anybody’s attention especially the fact that the phone can withstand water to high levels that it can be used even in deep sea waters. The phone is likely to launch during the current quarterly year in two neutral shades of white and black. Sony has not revealed information on the pricing yet but it is known to price the phone at consumer centric budgets. The features are pretty startling that showcases Sony’s creative and brilliant software engineering team to emerge with unique and novel ideas to cater to the modern and fast paced life that prevails in today’s society.

Sony has indeed ventures beyond the ordinary to merge with a powerful phone. The Xperia ZR will provide stiff competition to the rapidly growing mobile tech industry. Even the dust resistant abilities are phenomenal with the rapid increase in pollution levels in India, you would have to spend money on buying a cover for your phone, and with the Xperia ZR your phone will possess an everlasting brand new image and you can save money and boast the vibrant appealing phone to your family and friends.

The battery durability is another credible feature, the battery quality is limitless you can even speak to friends and relatives in faraway places for hours without having to worry about the battery wearing out. The camera quality is mind blowing to capture stunning images during birthday parties and weddings. This phone would suit photography buffs to the core, you can film buildings, plays and wildlife sceneries and the video quality will be marvelous.

The Xperia ZR is ideal for an overall amazing phone experience, the dust and water resistant abilities overrides this model with others. The phone unveils the powerful Research and Development team in Japan known to be the land of advanced technologies. For those keen to purchase the Xperia ZR let’s wait for the launch of the phone and march into showrooms and explore the splendid features right then.


This is a guest article, contributed by Sanjay Kumar Negi working at 91mobiles.com.

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