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Samsung Galaxy S 4 View Cover review

Samsung Galaxy S 4 View Cover review

IMG_5219If you have read our early posts on the Samsung Galaxy S4 flip cover, you surely will understand that the high quality and custom fit that the Samsung official accessories provide you with. This time we are going to introduce the view cover that is also made by Samsung. The view cover can also be understood as a flip because there just a custom cut-out specifically for additional functionality with the screen. The main features of having the view cover is that your GS4 can detect the view cover’s position and display information accordingly. Actually the mechanism is similar to what the air gesture. When you open the cover, your smartphone will be unlocked automatically. If you close the flip, date & time, cellular signal and some notification will be shown on the smaller display. When your phone is receiving calls, you case simply slide in the hole and then answer the call. This pretty much sums up what the view cover does. Before reading on, you may wish to note the following pros and cons of the view cover:


1. brand new features that work with the GS4 only
2. Replaces the back cover so as to reduce additional bulk
3. The soft texture on the flip gives nice touch feeling
4. Custom fit that protects the home button of GS4


1. The flip isn’t complete closed in normal position
2. Flip adds additional bulk in another way
3.Flip doesn’t support standing function (you can’t use it as a stand like what people do with iPad smartcovers.
4. Narrower access to the volume up/down button






First off, let’s talk about the design. Nothing really special in terms of Samsung ‘s accessories. The special cut-out gives you one more feature to display important information inside the hole. But indeed, you can do the same thing even more convenient with the air gesture in which you hover your hands over the device and the GS4 will automatically turn on, date time and everything else basic will spring up. The colour black matches the black GS4 but you might not want to use it on a white GS4 because it looks odd.the back cover of the view cover looks exactly like the original one. But like we spoke about on the flip cover it is a bit thicker. You can see this obviously from the camera flashlight area. As we’ve mentioned on the summary above, the cover adds no additional bulk on your GS4 because it replaces your back cover so it will keep the GS4 very slim. Yet, one latent problem with it is it cannot be used as a stand like the iPad smartcover. Therefore you still need to hold it with additional bulk of the cover itself. Secondly, the volume controls are hardly accessible because the flip cover actually narrows the space for you to press on the volume up and down button.





One thing worth mentioning is that there’s magnet embedded in both gadgets, so the flip cannot be closed completely and neatly. When you rest your phone on the table, you will find it half-opened. And that looks bad because if you remember, the iPad smartcover closes very tightly on the iPad screen and it won’t allow dust or other objects in afterwards. Having said that the flip isn’t entirely closed and this will bring potential damages to the screen. That doesnt look quite well.


In terms of protection, it has some space behind the flip to fit the home button in so it won’t give additional pressure and danger the life expectancy (Durability) of your home button. It covets the whole screen and the cut-out if filled with a thin plastic layer ideal for touching. However, all the sides are not covered, hence the whole device is susceptible to drops and dings.


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