Samsung Galaxy S 4 FOTA firmware update for LTE version released (in Hong Kong)

Samsung Galaxy S 4 FOTA firmware update for LTE version released (in Hong Kong)


Samsung on their Hong Kong Facebook page published that they have rolled out their system firmware update for LTE VERSION of GS4.  The upgrade includes the following fixes:

1. The Weather widget performance:  indeed, when you reboot the device or doing other stuff around, you may find the weather widget not responding very quickly and sometimes it showed blank widget too. This update tries to fix this problem. But it seems after the update, I find it has the same problem of slow loading speed when the GS4 was booted.

2. Improvement on touchscreen performance: I am not quite sure what they mean by touchscreen improvement. I couldn’t spot substantial problem or difficulties maneuvering the 5 inch touch screen on the GS4.

3. Improved stability on the camera: Yes the camera was not stable sometimes especially when  you switch between different modes or when you access the camera from a different application such as camscanner. Sometimes it says the camera stops responding and not activated.


The updates came 2 weeks after the official launch of GS4. It seems to have solved some minor problems or failure that relate to its touchwiz UI and camera compatibility. However, Samsung is yet to solve the overheating problem surrounding its new GS4.

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