Samsung Galaxy Note 3 release date confirmed on IFA 2013 (6/9/2013 to 11/9/2013)

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 release date confirmed on IFA 2013 (6/9/2013 to 11/9/2013)

The long wait is over, the frequently speculated Galaxy Note 3 is going to debut this September 2013 on the IFA 2013 which is going to be held in 6-11/9/2013 in Berlin. Later today, Jong-kyun Shin, the Samsung Mobile head, released some sales figure of Samsung Galaxy S IV and hinted the very hot Galaxy Note 3 will NOT feature curved or flexible display.


Will the Galaxy Note 3 be the biggest hit of the year of 2013?

But who cares about flexible display at this moment, we are more concerned about when the Note 3 will be launched and shipped to consumers’ hands. Korean Times said that Samsung has confirmed that they will release Galaxy Note 3 on the IFA 2013 and it has a 5.9 OLED display, ditching its AMOLED display?

At this moment there are only rumours about the Note 3 getting its screen improved to Full HD 1080p and maybe a 3GB RAM and 13 mega pixel main camera. People also hope that the Note 3 is going to feature the latest Android 5.0 system (or 4.3 probably). The Galaxy Note 3 will have similar design as the current 5 inch flagship Galaxy S IV and yes, it is an enlarged GS4 because it is still made out of plastic.


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