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Samsung Galaxy S IV Flip Cover Light Blue Photo Review

Samsung Galaxy S IV Flip Cover Light Blue Photo Review


If you are thinking about getting a Flip Cover for your Galaxy S IV which has a 5 inch 1080p display, you might want to consider buying the official product from Samsung which originally debut along with Galaxy S IV at Radio City, New York on the launch date. The reason why we introduce the Flip Cover to you is that it is made out of very high quality and it is designed to fit the Galaxy S IV. Many may ask what the difference is between official and unofficial flip covers. Our simple reply is “compatibility” and “quality assurance”.





Let’s talk about the design first. We have received a Light Blue flip cover for this review and hence we are going to use a Black Galaxy S IV for this entire review. The package is just standard Samsung accessories style packing. Nothing really special down here. What’s in the box? Of course the Flip Cover in light blue. After peeling off the protective plastic cover at the back, the blue colour is actually more like metallic blue and thats surprising. However, if you are carefully studying the back, you will find there is a slight difference on the Samsung Logo. The Samsung Logo on the original back cover without the flip is metallic and shinier compared to the Samsung Logo on the flip case. Instead, it seems the Samsung Logo is printed on the plastic coating on the flip case. Speaking of the light blue color of the flip, it matches perfectly with the GS4 console and when you put it on, you will feel like its part of the device without added bulk.



The reason why it can be so thin and slim as a result is that the cover will replace the original back cover at the GS4. Of course, as the Samsung official accessory, the back cover perfectly fits the dockings and edges. The back cover is fixed tightly on the rear. Indeed, we compared the back covers and found the flip case’s cover is slightly thicker, that is visible when you take a look at the flashlight area, where some thicker surface has surrounded the flashlight. However, we are not sure if the flashlight performance would be obstructed. Even so, every case with a back cover will to a certain degree lower the brightness of the flashlight so there are no worries about it. Some customers do worry about damages dealt on the home button with some flip covers. Indeed, some flip covers without specialized design might cause the home button to have shorter durability because pressure might be applied on the home button when you put the GS4 into your pocket or handbag. Samsung has noticed the issue of shortened life expectancy of the home button and designed this flip cover with due care. They have left a very space on the back of the flip so as to let the button fit in. Therefore, you home button is secured and it won’t be pressed accidentally to cost you extra battery or unwanted activity on the GS4. By the way, the cloth used on the back of the flip can keep your GS4 screen clean because it can help wiping the dust off. You just have to be careful not to get it wet with dirt. The front of the cover uses very smooth material which I think is nylon polymer material. It will not attract dust nor wet and keeps the surface very clean.





In terms of protection, the cover perfectly protects your screen and the back (The flip case itself is the back). However, it is unable to provide GS4 with full protection because the “silver finish” on the edges are still susceptible to dings and mints if you crash it on the ground or hard surface. But if you are pursuing a fashionable cover case, the Official Samsung GS4 flip cover is your best choice. If you are looking for all-rounded protection for your GS4, you might think about some other cases we have discussed about earlier. This case is especially ideal for businessmen who need to have a fashionable but also very professional feeling with your GS4. Besides, you can also consider the official GS4 View Case which leaves a cut-out for your device to show some important information for example time and date, calls or messages.


Some turn downs for this flip cover also include the little obstruction of the access to the volume control buttons because it seems there is less space for users to fir their fingers in and control the volume ups and downs. Its not really bad but worth mentioning for your information.

We are also giving out this reviewed Samsung Galaxy S IV Flip Cover – Light Blue for our beloved audiences. This reviewed items has only been used for once and put into the package right away. It is 99.99% new! Get started ahead like our facebook page and follow us on Twitter to get the latest updates for this campaign. If you would like to buy your own flip cover, follow this link!

Thanks Ross from lovecases.co.uk for sending us the flip cover.

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