Samsung Galaxy S IV Zoom will feature a 16 mega pixel camera

Samsung Galaxy S IV Zoom will feature a 16 mega pixel camera

Nokia used Samsung Galaxy S III as a comparison model at the very beginning to show its 920’s best-selling camera performance. A year after, Samsung is planning on launching a feature phone specialized in camera performance which is the Galaxy S4 Zoom. Galaxy S 4 just launched early this month but its successor like Galaxy S4 Zoom, Galaxy S 4 Active are all confirmed to be launched sooner or later in mid 2013 before the official launch date of the long-waited Galaxy Note 3.

Galaxy S4 Zoom’s model number is SM-C1010, its European version has debut on a Bluetooth verification website. According to the news, the Zoom is going to be available in two colours – black or white. The Black version is going to be shipped on the 23rd week this year in Europe and the white version will come two weeks later.

The GS4 Zoom’s main feature is camera. Samsung will first integrate the Galaxy Camera functions into the GS4. Having a 16 mega pixel camera, the GS4 Zoom will, however, host a smaller 4.3 qHD Super AMOLED display, supporting Bluetooth 4.0, Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n and A-GPS. It will also be shipped with an Android Jelly Bean system.

As you can see from the code name and model number of the aforesaid GS4 Zoom, it has changed from GT to SM, being rumoured to be a camera specific model appearing after the GS4. Before the launch of Nokia 928, we are really not sure if this GS4 Zoom is going to win the competition between Lumia920 and 928. Indeed, Galaxy Camera was beaten up by the Lumia 920.


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