Nokia Lumia 928 is going to have MicroSD card slot?

Nokia Lumia 928 is going to have MicroSD card slot?



Nokia already launched their official promotional photos of the Lumia 928. While most of us are looking at the screen size and talking about the resolution or the camera performance, a number of media have identified an unknown slot on the promotional photos. It seems from the comments of people around the world, the Lumia 928 is going to have a MicroSD card slot that reads extra storage for the Lumia 928. Nokia has taken the complaints from worldwide users on the lack of MicroSD card compatibility despite outstanding camera performance on their Lumia 920, the older version of the 928. After that, Nokia explained that having MicroSD card slots will ruin the unibody design on the 920 therefore they weren’t planning to add this on their flagship. Of course, such explanation is proved unsatisfactory.

The Nokia Lumia 928 features a very slim design and has an earphone jack, power dock and an alleged SIM card slot at the bottom. Other than that, people find there is a lid next to the power dock, suspecting that to be a MicroSD card slot. It seems Nokia has finally listened to the feedbacks from users!

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