Chinese analyst: Google ditches X Phone

Chinese analyst: Google ditches X Phone

Earlier today we got from some Chinese source quoting a smartphone supply chain analyst Suen saying that she believes that the X Phone is dumped by Google and the super smartphone will remain in Motorola’s scope of work. X Phone is one of the most wanted Android 5.0 device that is said to be indestructible and also with outstanding battery stamina. Although it is not supposed to be launched anytime sooner, the X Phone was rumoured to be launched alongside the Nexus 5 and next generation Android 5.0 at the Google I/O 2013 in this month. Some even say that the X Phone could learn from the practice of selling PCs that allows customers to customise a personalised X Phone in terms of its hardware, appearance (colour) and also memory. However, with the view given by a Chinese analyst who specialise in supply chain study in the mobile phone market. It seems this program has been aborted by Google and left back to Motorola for no reasons. It seems it might result in failure at the end.




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