Samsung Galaxy S IV review:  overheating

Samsung Galaxy S IV review: overheating


A considerable number of customers reflected the they experienced overheating on their  Samsung GS4 which was just launched a week ago. Korean researchers Playwaves found out that, after activating the 3D functions on the GS4, the temperature of the device rises from up to 58.8 degree Celsius. That is around 10-15 degree Celsius higher than the maximum temperature they did on Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note 2.

The hot spa temperature ranges from 39 to 48 degree Celsius but you can see the Galaxy S IV is now hotter than spa water.  That means you can cook eggs on it. Samsung responded that when the gs4 operates under extreme environment and demanding requirement, a temporary rise of temperature is observed.

In our review,  we also find similar problem when we are using the gs4.  Usually when you play games on it you will receive excessive temperature output. Also,  when I use the Wi-Fi hotspots function on the GS4 with the screen off, I still feel a slight overheat on the device in my pocket. When I activate the hotspot while charging,  the gs4 becomes extremely hot. 

Hope Samsung is working on a fix regarding the overheating problem with their flagship device

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  • Jachrael

    I was using my week old GS4 as a wifi hotspot whilst I had it docked to a portable speaker and the phone became very hot. I’d hate to think I just paid for a hardware upgrade that isn’t functional.

    • My Phone Daily

      I agree. The hotspot really heats the whole device up. Is your portable speaker capable of charging? That would sound weird because I haven’t plugged my GS4 with any portable devices yet. I am yet to test if the heat still goes up with my portable charger from mophie.