CYGNETT Action Nano Case for iPod Nano 7 Review

CYGNETT Action Nano Case for iPod Nano 7 Review



The Action Nano Case is made for the iPod Nano 7th Gen and it is built with a Silicon case with a Snap-on Wristband. We got this from our partner and we are going to bring you a review of this special product made for outdoor sports.

First off, what in the box will be something interesting to find out. So let’s get it opened. By the way, the packaging really looks nice and the delivery from is really on time.





So from the package it tells us that the product we are yet to review have three main features: Lightweight, Snap-on Design and also a Soft Feel. Let’s talk about this one by one.



The above picture is basically all the things in the box.

In terms of the lightweight offered by this wristband, CYGNETT really understands that you take this out for jogging or running. So they make it as thin as they can with the weight in mind. No added weight to your iPod Nano. From our observation and review, we find this wristband extremely light in weight. We felt almost no weight when we picked it up without an iPod nano inside. Therefore, it tells you that you don’t have to worry about bringing some very heavy case to work out.




It feel really good to wave around and also moving my arms. It won’t make me feel there’s any added bulk. Speaking of the design, the black colour and the ultra-slim fit work perfectly with the Nano 7th Gen as you can see from the above image.



Alright let’s talk about the Snap-On design which many people may be curious of. There is a metal string inside the band which allows the band to react to anything hitting into it and then catch it. Therefore, when you hit the band with your arms, it will immediately transform and then catch your arm tightly. There’s no worries about putting the band on and fixing it. Just snap it on your arm and it’s done! This mechanism indeed adds powerful grip on your arm so no matter what you do, it won’t easily slip off from your arm. Meanwhile, you may wish to note that the band fits almost everyone because it is wide enough to cater any size of arms. Of course, you won’t wear it on your neck, will you?


The material they use for this wristband it silicon. It gives you a very human touch because it is very soft. You won’t feel very awkward to have it attached to your arm. Instead, you will feel comfortable as time goes by. Even when you are sweating, the silicon will not be wet and slip off from your arm. But they only concern about this is silicon attracts dust. You have to keep it clean before use otherwise when it mix with water from your body it will become some dirt on your wristband.



Overall, we are very satisfied with this wristband. If it wasn’t for the lengthened design of the iPod Nano 7th Gen, it would look even better if it was was for the iPod Nano 6th Gen which looks more like a watch. The iPod’s design itself is a problem, but the wristband does a perfect job for holding the device on your arm while you are running. If you are interested, don’t hesitate to pick it up here. Stay tuned for our review, more reviews are coming up.


Thanks Ross from for sending in the case for our review

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