Motorola X Phone Prototype Leaked Again In Images

Motorola X Phone Prototype Leaked Again In Images

motorola x phone


Well this looks familiar!

Today the good folks over at evleaks have provided new pictures of a prototype Motorola phone. The phone bears a striking resemblance to a phone that was pictured in the prototype stages last month. It has the dashed circle Moto logo and seems to be running a slightly customized version of stock android (identified by the carrier label on the notification bar).

The most exciting part of this leak comes from the below picture though:

motorola xfon



If you look very carefully at the end of the first line of text, you would see that this phone is identified as the “XFON ATT”. XFON sounds suspiciously like X PHONE, which has been the rumored next nexus device. Since this phone is bearing a lot of AT&T carrier additions, I doubt this phone will be the next pure Android device out of Google. Even if that rumor has just been debunked, there is still a chance this phone will retain some of the other features that were speculated on. Perhaps a very heavy duty construction that would prevent against all manner of damage? There’s a chance.

Aside from what can be seen in these pictures, not much else is known. Hopefully more is reported on in the coming months. Google definitely has some neat stuff to reveal at I/O, but I don’t think this device will be included among them.

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