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Samsung Galaxy S IV accessories and cases buying guide

Samsung Galaxy S IV accessories and cases buying guide

The Galaxy S IV has been launched today and there are shoppers around the world finding the right accessories for their beloved new smartphone or as a gift to those who own one. In fact, there are lots of available options out there and it could be difficult to choose the best one. The Galaxy S IV has a much bigger 5.0 inch screen and the same size as the Galaxy S III, you can expect the cases and accessories could be following the trend commencing from the Galaxy S III. Now we at myphonedaily has summarised some good and budget cases for you and for your friends and relatives if you decide to send some cases as gifts.

For Him: Samsung Galaxy S4 Flip Case -Black


Samsung Galaxy S4 Flip Case – Black

The reason why we think this Galaxy S4 Flip case is good for men is that it is elegant and also pragmatic. The colour they have on this case is very nice and trendy. The black colour won’t look very old nor dull. Speaking of protection, there is a magnet that holds the case when it is closed and in transit. In addition, a hidden strap will protect the GS4 from moving or slipping out when it is in use. This elegantly designed case is soft and more then enough to prevent your GS4 from accidental bumps scrapes and scratches. This case will also give good protection to your 5 inch screen with the soft-micro-sudde inner lining, it can perform some minor cleaning every time you close the lid. Most of cases of this kind might block some buttons or ports with poor cutting, we assure you you don’t need to worry about this. The quality cutting of the manufacturer has promised all the ports could be accessible. This case is also available in White and Purple Colour. Most importantly, the case has card holders for you to put some important cards such as ATM and Credit Cards to move around comfortably. You man will love this case because this shows your care and detailed mind.

For Her: Cygnett Feel Case for Samsung Galaxy S4

38551We recommend Cygnett for girls because of the variety of colour (Black, Mint, Grey, Lilac, Fairy Floss) this case offers. Girls don’t like bulky phones, they want to keep their smartphone smart and slim. Therefore, the ultra slim fit design reduces the amount of bulk and weight and fits your hand and pocket. Girls with smaller hands will love this because it offers both protection and ease of use. The material it uses can keep this case very clean and against dirt, scratches and minor impacts. Girls will also love the textured finish because it on one hand offers increased grip and on the other hand a soft feel of the phone. Installation makes everything easy for you, you just need to clip the sides and corners and you are all set. WIth both slim fit and the cute colour option, this case will be the best choice for girls. Meanwhile, the complimentary screen protector for your 5 inch GS4 will give you all rounded protection. It’s like an all-in-one package for girls, isn’t it?

For teens, college students: FlexiShield Case for Samsung Galaxy S4 – Orange



If you are young or want to look younger, the FlexiShield is your best choice. Available in 7 colours (Black, White, Purple, Green, Pink, Grey, Orange), this cases variety of choice will make you feel difficult to make a decision. The colours are nicely selected and will fit everyone’s pocket indeed. What’s good about this brand, as we have mentioned in another post talking about the Flexishield Galaxy Note 2 case before, is that they give the smartphone full protection with very nice texture. By full protection we mean it covers every corner and sides of your phone and prevents it from drops and dings. In such way, you don’t have to worry about dropping your GS4 on the hard ground when you are running over the campus and really, it looks really smart and fresh! The slim fit design surely removes the bulk and let it rest very comfortably in your pockets even though it is a 5 inch phone.

For Business and Professionals: Samsung Official Accessories

38373 38371


Any official Samsung accessories product will help increase the impression of professionalism. If you uphold such value, the official products will be your best choice. The texture and the cutting fits perfectly with their GS4 and of course simply resting your GS4 on the table with the View Cover will of course be kind of a style. The View cover is made especially for viewing important information on the screen and letting you pick up calls without actually opening the flip. That gives you extra convenience and a better way of using the GS4 indeed.

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