Next Generation XBox (XBox 720) confirmed on May 21 2013.

Next Generation XBox (XBox 720) confirmed on May 21 2013.



Fans are so tired with the rumours now! Microsoft released some new information regarding their latest XBOX console development today and it’s true this time. The new XBOX (720) is officially coming on 21 May 2013. XBOX Team said they will air the live broadcast on their and fans from all regions will be able to watch it live.

Meanwhile, if you are seriously considering upgrading or getting a gaming console, you should visit our commentary on PS4, WiiU and XBOX 720 for your information. We will keep you informed of the latest change and development with regards to this biggest news after the boring PS4 (without a console launch) 2 months ago. We sincerely hope Microsoft will not follow Sony’s bad practice of dragging audience in the launch date and the real console.


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