Windows RT 8.1 leaked

Windows RT 8.1 leaked

So we have discussed earlier this monthly windows blue and windows 8.1 which might appear on the market in Q3-Q4 2013. In the latest windows 8.1 build 9374, there it appears a name of a possible new version of windows called the Windows RT 8.1. Technically, there aren’t much difference between Windows RT and Windows 8. But will the changes in Windows 8.1 come into effect in the latest Windows RT 8.1 too?

It was rumored that the Windows RT will delete the desktop and we don’t know yet if Microsoft is going to continue on this plan. If yes, it might happen on the Windows RT 8.1.

From the screenshot below you can find a “preview” label follows the Windows RT 8.1. That means it could be come together with the Windows 8.1 preview. We are excited to know the difference and hopefully Microsoft will answer us in their BUILD convention scheduled in June 2013.

It seems that Windows Server 2013 R2 is on its way out. Stay tuned.


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