Leaked iPhone 5S nano-SIM slot hints two new colours

Leaked iPhone 5S nano-SIM slot hints two new colours

There were earlier rumors about iPhone 5S having huge internal changes involving faster processors and camera parts. There are news reporting two nano-sim slots which are coated in different colours other than black and white(silver).

The leaked SIM slots looks 100% just like the iPhone 5 one but appear to have different colours, gold and grey. These two colors are not used in any of preceding apple models. Therefore, we suspect this might be a hint to more colour options in iPhone 5.

Could this also be an iPod with SIM capability? No one knows. But I personally am not particularly excited about more colour options with iPhone 5S. The two colours seem fake and not in line with Apple’s usual style of design. Therefore, it doesn’t mean much to iPhone 5S.


Via: appappapps.com

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