Thinner and Lighter: More on the rumours of Galaxy Note 3

Thinner and Lighter: More on the rumours of Galaxy Note 3



The next big thing to happen to the smartphone industry in 2013 is the Galaxy Note 3 which is supposed to be launched before October 2013. This is the ultimate flagship phone of Samsung aside its smaller brother Galaxy S4 which will be sold on 26.4.2013 (27.4.2013 in Hong Kong) worldwide. This high-end big screen device will use the latest technology to build. Some rumours indicate that the Note 3 will be made out of aluminium as to make more more lighter and competitive to its rival iPhone 5 from Apple. This time, Samsung might ditch the AMOLED and replace it with the Plastic OLED which allows the cell phone to be lighter (and it might be bendable too). The Note 3 will be the first Samsung device to adopt this screen technology and we are not sure if it would become the mainstream display tech in the 2014. The plastic OLED allows the device to be more hardened and there is a lesser opportunity of the breaking the screen. Therefore, durability and the weight is the biggest concern while using this display tech. Some even say that with the Plastic OLED it could reduce the thickness of the Note 3 from 9.4mm to 8.0mm or thinner (8.0 mm is very close to the thickness of an iPhone 5). Believe it or not, this would be the thinnest phablet you have ever seen. Being launched in Q4 2013 at the IFA 2013, Note 3 is going to bring us a 5.9 inches + display and the Exynos 5 processor.

There might be a possibility that the Note 3 will feature the Samsung’s homemade Operating System – Tizen. The reason why have this doubt is that the launch date matches Samsung release schedule for Tizen (in Q3 to Q4 2013). Meanwhile, provided that people love big screen phones like Note 2 which is now a signature product of Samsung, bringing Tizen to the latest Note 3 will be a good starting point for Samsung to introduce their own platform to the consumer market. Therefore, there are reasonable doubt of Tizen appearing on the Note 3 or maybe a dual platform version Note 3 could also be expected.



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