Puzzle & Dragons: The Fusion Dungeon Puzzle and Dragons Game App Review for iOS, iPhone, iTouch, iPad, iPad Mini, and Android

Puzzle & Dragons: The Fusion Dungeon Puzzle and Dragons Game App Review for iOS, iPhone, iTouch, iPad, iPad Mini, and Android

Puzzle and Dragons

Puzzle & Dragons is a fun filled app game that is like a fusion of Bejeweled, Pokemon, and Yu-Gi-Oh. The goal of the game is to “catch them all” and battle monsters with your dragons or monsters in the form of a card by matching 3+ orbs to power your monster’s attacks. You begin the game by choosing a starter dragon of the elements of fire, water, and earth/plant. There will be short tutorial dungeons you play to learn the mechanics of the game. By the end of the tutorial you get to spin a type of lottery in order to get a rare dragon or monster.

Puzzleand Dragons

The picture above depicts a battle against a dragon in a dungeon. This part of the game is similar to bejeweled because you have to match 3 or more orbs in order to “use” them to power your monster’s attacks. The more matches the stronger your monster’s attack against the opponent will be. The significant difference from bejeweled is that you can move an orb as far as you want but there will be a timer. Therefore, plan out your strategy in getting as many matches in one turn as much as possible.


Puzzle and Dragons


There are many mechanics in the game such as leveling up your monster’s by sacrificing other monsters and using gold. You can also fuse certain monsters to evolve your monster to a much stronger and cooler looking monster. Another fun feature is you can choose an ally from fellow players or friends you added to aid you in battle. There are multiple elements such as earth, fire, water, light, and darkness. There are five slots to choose your monsters of different elements.

Be sure to plan out your team well because if you don’t have a monster of a certain element; this will result in no attack being made when you match orbs of the missing element unless you have an ally of that element exploring the dungeon with you. Plan wisely and have fun. Find friends from around the world through this social app game. Overall, this is a great free dungeon crawler game that originated from Japan. Download this app now and give it a try. This game is compatible with iOS, iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, iPad Mini, and Android devices.

Visit the unofficial Puzzles & Dragons database site for guides, tips, and other info on the game. This site is the wiki for the game but it does not have as much info as the database.

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