Why isn’t the Galaxy S IV supporting FM Radio?

Why isn’t the Galaxy S IV supporting FM Radio?

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There are increasing number of customers who are familiar with the hardware specification of Galaxy S IV found that there is something missing – the FM chip of the GS4. Here we are going to discuss why.

Built-in FM Radio was still a standard specification when it was Galaxy S III, it was surprising that the GS4 has now removed FM Radio compatibility. Samsung made a response to the current inquires with regards to the FM Radio missing in GS4.

Samsung officially replied that there are more digital broadcasting channels around the world and the use of traditional FM radio is on a decline compared to digital broadcasting. It is incrementally convenient for people to listen to digital content via social network and video channels such as Youtube. That’s why Samsung decided to ditch FM radio on the GS4. In addition, the said removal of FM Radio is also rendered to be a move to create more space in the GS4.

What Samsung said to the press was right. FM radio is now more like standard equipment in cars but it doesn’t have to be required on smartphone, which have more than enough ways of receiving podcast and also digital content via mobile and Wi-Fi networks. iPhone has never had an FM chip inside because it might not be necessary and the FM chip has only appeared on iPod Nano.

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