Ad-free WhatsApp transmits 180 billion text messages a day

Ad-free WhatsApp transmits 180 billion text messages a day



WhatsApp has become a major part of our smartphone usage. If you agree, that means you are already a heavy user of WhatsApp. If you don’t know what we mean, download WhatsApp for free on Android or read the article below.




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WhatsApp has beat, in popularity, many other messaging platforms on smartphones such as Viber, LINE and iMessage…etc. The CEO of WhatsApp, Jan Koum, said they have surpassed twitter which has got 2 billion active users. In addition,

WhatsApp processes and transmits 180 billion text messages per day, which is way more than what Facebook (100 billion) does.

Unlike Facebook and Twitter, WhatsApp is an Ad-free environment where you won’t see floating or jumping out advertisement and be annoyed by them. That’s why they charge customers $0.99 USD annual fee instead.

Koum said their company is against forms of advertisement appearing on smartphone, where it is not appropriate to display too many advertisements. It is a bad idea to interrupt people chatting with ads. He stated that users haven’t declined after the charging plan was released. However, it seems Koum missed something important: how many people are not using WhatsApp? And are they going to pay for it once the trial period is over? Nevermind, WhatsApp already did a very good job and it’s a success in terms of Apps for a cross-platform network messaging application. There are also rumors that Google plans to buy WhatsApp with $10 billion USD which is dismissed by Koum, who opined that their target is to establish a long-lasting independent company.

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