Cling! Creates Wall-Crawling Craziness on the iOS

ORLANDO, Florida – March 07, 2013Cling! combines everything people love about classic platformer games with a brand new wall-crawling style of movement to create the world’s first “pegformer.”


In this pegformer the hero navigates obstacles like spikes, falls and electricity by clinging to floating pegs. The player’s finger acts as the focal point for the hero, controlling where he travels to and when the player lets go, so does the character.


The developers at First5 Games used toys like the Wacky Wall Crawler as inspiration to create a brand new style of platformer.


“Most platformers have the hero running and jumping. While brainstorming different ways to move we thought of those plastic toys from vending machines you’d fling against the wall as kids and it all came together,” said Dustin Clingman, CEO, First5 Games. “The result is an action-packed title with an entirely new twist on the classic platformer that all ages can enjoy.”


Cling!’s hero, Edgar, is a toy whose capsule breaks as he is being dispensed from a vending machine. Trapped in a vast and dangerous world, it is up to the player to help Edgar escape and reach his owner. What ensues is a whimsical adventure through 90 humorous and imaginative levels.


Cling! is available to download today on the iPhone, iPad and iPhone Touch for $2.99. The app also offers accessories at the “Gumdrop Shop” for customizable game play.

About First5 Games

First5 Games is a mobile development studio that is dedicated to creating games that can be understood within 5 seconds and loved within 5 minutes. The company was founded in 2012 by Chair of the IGDA Board of Directors and 14-year game industry veteran; CEO, Dustin Clingman. The studio released its first game last year, the fast-paced spelling app, Word Burn.


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