iPhone 5S Camera Specification leaked: 12 mega pixel?

iPhone 5S Camera Specification leaked: 12 mega pixel?

Following the usual and predictable practice of Apple in terms of its iPhone Development, the iPhone 5S is widely expected to have an upgraded camera lens jus like what Apple did for iPhone 4S. The camera upgrade this time, suggested by a Vietnam source (Wonderful Saigon Electrics), is going to feature a 12 mega pixel main camera. This upgrade combines with better low-light capture and HDR enhancement. Also Apple is going to add new features for its panorama mode and support for Volume button shutter.


The same website, Tinhte.vn also accurately predicted the launch of new line of Apple earphones – EarPods and leaked the 4th Generation iPod touch prototype.

In another development, reports from Chinese Sina said that Foxconn, the major manufacturer of Apple’s product, has increased its recruitment resources in China to deal with the upcoming production line workers demand for the devices seemed to be iPhone 5S and the budget iPhone which will both be released in June 2013. Rumors say that Apple plans to start the aforementioned devices in Q2 of 2013 and hopefully the device will ship in the end of Q2. Besides, Foxconn has also faced pressure from Apple because both companies are encountering rising challenges from other phone giants and one of them being Samsung.

It is too early to say that iPhone 5S is going to be a game changer this year despite it was the most famous smartphone product in 2012. The massive and various choices offered by Samsung and other rising companies like Huawei and ZTE has attracted much attention earlier this year.

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