Sad News: Google X Phone launch postponed!

Sad News: Google X Phone launch postponed!

X Phone has been a very hot topic worldwide following Google’s job advertisement in first place. The X Phone was rumoured to be launched on the Google I/O in May 2013 with a couple of other google’s signature devices such as Google Glass and the next generation Nexus 7. However, some reliable sources said that Google has plans to postpone the launch date of such rumoured X Phone to August or even later this year.

Google works with Motorola this time on the X Phone as their first joint-product. The X Phone is still a prototype and it is said to have a 4.7 inch 1080p Full HD display, running on Android 5.0 and without the MicroSD card slot.

This X phone should work with Google’s smart Glass and also smart watch. The Motorola logo at the back of the X Phone is also said to be a heat sensitive key for implementing certain actions on the phone.

Earlier rumours pointed out that the X Phone could be customizable like how we buy PC and Mac usually online through the Google Play Store. Users could make changes to personalize the phones colour, RAM, CPU and also the memory online. As we are not sure yet when the Google X Phone will be released, we cannot even say it is an iPhone 6 or Galaxy S 4 killer.

The news of the delay seems to be a turn-off for many fans of Google or Motorola, but don’t look so sad, it will come up eventually.df5089b7502942ad962393ce276083ac

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