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Overboard Waterproof iPad Mini Case – Special Snorkelling Review

Overboard Waterproof iPad Mini Case – Special Snorkelling Review


There are basically no problem viewing the iPad mini screen despite water flowing on the bag surface. The transparent front keeps the original design and the nice colour presentation of the iPad mini.

We just got from our British partner an Overboard Waterproof iPad Mini case for our review. Before actually testing the case, I was planning a trip to Okinawa, Japan where lies so many beautiful beaches, snorkelling and Scuba diving attractions. Yes, from the product page of the case it says it is “for use with iPad Mini on the beach, in the pool or in the bath”. But we planned to do something dangerously more interesting than just trying this case in the bath tube or in the washroom. We will bring this case (and my iPad) to a test in a snorkelling session in Okinawa. Before actually going into the snorkelling part of the product review, let’s go through some hard facts of this Overboard Waterproof iPad Mini Case.

Waterproof iPad mini Case Size Guide

First, I want to point out that the name itself is kind of misleading, the waterproof bag is actually not only made for iPad, but it also works with other tablets that are of the same size (eg. Samsung Galaxy Note 8, Kindle Fire 7 inch, Google Nexus 7) as iPad mini (around 7 inch), I put an Acer Iconia B2 into the waterproof bag and it fits perfectly well. But of course, you need to be aware of the thickness of your tablet because it might stretch the most out of the maximum space inside the bag and therefore affect its waterproof capability.


What’s in the box? After opening the box, you will immediately see a bunch of accessories for the bag. You will have a neck strap, Carabineer Clip, 3 Moisture Sensitive Desiccant Sachets, and an overboard brand sticker (it doesn’t matter, does it). Judging from the content in the box, it is pretty comprehensive. You get everything you need for the iPad waterproof bag in the aforesaid situations.



The photo above is what it will look like when you equip the iPad mini with the Overboad waterproof iPad mini case. It actually looks good and it doesn’t feel like very bulky. It is slim and fits the thickness of iPad mini and it also adds some cushion at the corner of the iPad mini to keep it from drop damages. There is also a rear window cut for the iPad mini’s main camera at the back for some photo shooting.


A closer look into the Slide Seal System of the case. You need to slide all four sliders after putting the iPad mini inside the bag. The slider are very tight so you need to slide it with some force but that means it has very great waterproof ability.

Speaking of the waterproof ability of this bag, this case is 100% waterproof so you don’t need to worry about water entering the case accidentally if you seal it carefull with its patented Slide Seal System. This case is fully tested by the British Standard Institute, and is IP57 and IP58 compliant, which means it is fully waterproof for up to 5 metres in depth. As well as guarding against water, it also guards against dust, dirt and sand.Completely watertight with IP57 and IP58 conformity.

Waterproof iPad mini Case Sealing Guide

Snorkelling Review:

On a sunny day in Okinawa, we brought this case with an iPad mini together with our snorkelling equipment to Maeda Promontory. This is a place ideal for scuba diving and snorkelling and there is a tourist spot called the blue cave. In this review, we have brought the iPad equipped with the waterproof bag and tried a 40 minutes snorkelling session. Even the snorkelling coach said we were mad, he was surprised by us taking an iPad into a snorkelling trip. Anyways, snorkelling is not really scuba diving and that makes it ideal for testing the case out. After the snorkelling session, we found this case amazing and it even enabled us to take some underwater videos and photos!


This is a photo taken by another water-resistant camera. Our colleague was using the iPad mini under water to take some cool videos.

Throughout the Snorkelling session, we have used the iPad intensively under and above sea water. It was very cool to swipe an iPad while you are doing some water activity. It has no problem viewing the iPad mini screen and also you can use the iPad with your finger smoothly while it is not wet. When it gets wet, it will become difficult for you to swipe on the iPad because the temperature change on the surface might obstruct the touch screen’s sensor. So when the iPad is underwater, it would be impossible for you to tap on anything, what you need to do is to control the iPad with its physical keys. We have tried taking videos underwater in the sea. We managed to take some short clips but there was a problem with the iPad that is the water pressure and the wave actually have put too much pressure on the surface causing recording to stop when it hit the screen at some point so the video was intermittently taken. The underwater video shooting was fun, the auto-focus of the iPad was working even inside the case through the rear transparent windows. Some of the video we took was quite clear actually. The sound recording was still working quite well as we could still clearly hear the voice in the clip. If you do drop accidentally in the water, the OverBoard Waterproof iPad mini case will neatly float to the top so you can safely retrieve it. In our case, the iPad flows with the water and the strap included in the box seems quite durable and reliable.

Underwater Water Photos:
photo 2 photo 3 photo 1

The images appear to be very blurry because of the water waves and also the low-light environment in the Blue cave. However, it was already satisfactory because we really didn’t expect we could take an iPad to snorkelling and also taking some side photos for us aside the water-proof camera the coach brought in this trip.

Underwater Video Clip:

The video we took was extraordinary, we could see some fish swimming and the snorkelers hands waving very clearly from the video taken underwater with the Overboard iPad mini waterproof case. The colours underwater were great thanks to the nice weather and the 5 mega pixel main camera of the iPad mini. However, the iPad itself is too light so it flows along with the wave so easily so we couldn’t hold the iPad mini very tight and the videos seem very shaky. Please view the video with caution


This test has found the OverBoard case successfully defended the iPad mini against water, dust and sand. The iPad hasn’t suffered from any damages thanks to the very tight seal lock of the bag. We are very satisfied with the waterproof ability of this bag and the slim fit design of the whole case. It brought us so much fun underwater by taking some great and unforgettable pictures with it and the iPad mini. If you are considering bringing your iPad to snorkeling or scuba diving under 5m, I would recommend this case for you. This bag is a budget, yet made out of high quality product that you can really trust. If you feel like you want such experience, don’t hesitate and buy it here.

Image Gallery:


Source: overboard

Once again, thank you Ross from mobile fun who sent us the Overboard iPad mini waterproof case for our review.

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