iPad 5th Gen with backlight LED technology

iPad 5th Gen with backlight LED technology

The one who accurately predicted the launch of iPhone 5, Ming-chi KUO said that iPhone 5S, iPad mini 2 and the budget iPhone is going to be delayed due to technical and parts supply difficulty earlier today.

In his statement, iPad 5 is missed out. A Taiwanese source said that the iPad 5 is going to be in production this July and August. CNET said today that NPD DisplaySearch leaked that the iPad 5 will be on a new backlight LED technology. As an upgrade from the iPad 4th Generation, users expect the iPad 5 to be a slimmer and faster device just like the one they did for iPad mini. Our earlier reports also find that the possible iPad 5 is going to look as smart as iPad mini. To make iPad 5 even slimmer, Apple could use the latest backlight LED technology and also enhance its sensitivity of the touch screen. Unlike the older generation iPad, this new iPad 5 will have a thinner edge as shown in the photos below.


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