Galaxy S IV vs Galaxy Mega 6.3 image surfaced

Galaxy S IV vs Galaxy Mega 6.3 image surfaced



We thought that display size for smartphones will stop around at 6 inch but it seems Samsung doesn’t think in such way. Earlier they released the Galaxy Mega 6.3 which is basically a 6.3 inch Galaxy S IV with lower hardware specification. Galaxy Mega will feature a 6.3 inch 720p display, the dimensions of the Mega is 167.6x88x7.9mm with a 1.7 Ghz duo core processor and 1.5 Gb RAM. It has a 8 mega pixel camera and 2 mega pixel front camera. The Mega will have a bigger battery (3200 mAh) accordingly. It runs on 4.1.2 Android System and Samsung’s home made Nature UX user interface.

Some Chinese course has got the real images of the Galaxy Mega compared with the 5 inch Galaxy S IV. As the image suggests, the Mega’s 6.3 inch screen can cover the whole Galaxy S IV. It has almost the same look as the GS4 without the front sensors. It seems to us that the material use for building these two devices is the same and the batteries are replaceable.

From what we know about the Mega, it seems the price in China will be around RMB 5650 and another device under the same sub-series – Galaxy Mega 5.8 will be released in May 2013, may as a major rival for the upcoming Nexus phone which will be announced on the Google I/O event in the same month.

Judging from the rumoured price it seems Samsung is thinking too highly of their huge screen phones which is getting too extreme. Samsung should think twice before releasing the same device with only screen size variation. It lacks creativity and it seems the Galaxy Series is really getting aged, customers might look forward to some breakthrough, not a big size phone with poorer performance indeed. As the consumer market is getting used to the flying specifications nowadays, consumers are now being more aware of the hardware Android devices provide. People will surely see Samsung’s declining creativity together with its inertia in releasing advanced specification models.

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