Galaxy S4 Cases Start Becoming Available – Flip Case Available Now!

Galaxy S4 Cases Start Becoming Available – Flip Case Available Now!

Galaxy S 4 Flip Case



The Galaxy S4 (IV) is coming very soon to blow your mind and replace your current phone!

Ok maybe it won’t, but judging from sales of the previous year’s Galaxy S III, we can tell that this phone is set to break some sales records and take a huge chunk of the market share.

When you pick up yours out of the box, you’re going to want to make sure that that enormous screen is adequately protected. Samsung had the same idea and started producing those nifty flip cases that you may have seen used on the SIII and Note II series phones.

You can pick up one of these really premium feeling flip cases, or a number of other cases made specifically for your SIV over at or We previously reported on our very positive experience with GearZap. You can count on getting official premium accessories at great prices with great service.

The particular flip cases are available in White or Black to match your device. They also have many other cases to choose from. Take a look if you get a chance.

Thanks again to Ross Hampl from GearZap for the tip.

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