Google Babel Coming Soon According To Clues From Google

Google Babel Coming Soon According To Clues From Google

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People have eagerly been awaiting the arrival of Google’s new rumored chat client. This is supposedly the one universal chat client that will connect all Google apps in one chat system.

New leaks today have confirmed that it does, in fact, exist and that it appears to be in development. One could easily conclude that it is approaching the end of its development cycle and will be coming VERY soon.

First off, Google+ user Patric Dhawaan discovered a new message while cleaning out his Gmail inbox.

google babble gmail screenshot


The message very explicitly makes mention of Google Babel and how it will be a chat application.

Further than this, the smart guys over at Android Police made their own analysis of this image and other sources and found additional context clues proving that babel will be coming very soon. They found mentions in Google code mentioning the application by name.


Google bable code


What does this all mean? Well it simply means that something called Babel is coming soon. Whether it’s the rumored one chat app to rule them all or not is a different story all together.

Rumors are nothing but speculation until the real thing drops. I feel like we’ll be seeing something regarding the truth very very soon. Hopefully next week.

Source – Android Police

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