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FlexiShield Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Case Clear Review – High Quality Slim Case for GN2

FlexiShield Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Case Clear Review – High Quality Slim Case for GN2


IMG_5092Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is a huge but also popular device around the world. There are so many available mobile accessories for us to choose from. One big question among all these would be: How do I select the best phone case for my Note 2? Before buying a case for your 5.5 incher Note 2, you need to consider a few things, including protection offered, design of the case, material used and durability. We have gathered some selection of hard cases that might interest you and this is one of it – FlexiShield Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Case Clear. This case is sold at $15 USD and 9.9 English pounds. From my point of view, it is a budget hard case with high quality. There are two colour options for this Flexishield case – Black or Clear.

Let’s begin this review with some close-up images for people who like to view the case in detail:


I especially like how they put the design on the side of the case to full use. It actually has a dotted side below the volume button and on the opposite side. Why is this important? It gives users a firm grip! Don’t worry, the dots will not be very ugly because I think they have made it very natural in terms of design. The point is, some people with smaller hands m

ight have problems with handling such a huge phone but the dots will increase the resistance between your hand and the phone so it will help you grab the phone stronger than other cases. Its competitors might do similar case with good design but this dots are actually functional, it helps prevent your phone from slipping off your grip.



Unlike many other cases which focus too much on the design or some logos to be presented on the case, this flexishield offers a clear design without company logo or cartoon characters. It is a logo-free design and ideal for business people who want their cell phones clean and smart. However, you can still clearly see the Samsung Logo and LTE logo but I guess that doesn’t matter for most people.


The cutting of the holes and features can surely remain all the cool functions of your Note 2. First off, the hole fits S-Pen port, which won’t obstruct it from sliding off. Secondly, the large cutting leaves flexibility for larger MircoUSB power cords. Some case might leave very little space for certain power cords but this one suits almost any power cords.


Meanwhile, the slim fitting nature of the case means that it keeps your phone as thin as it was designed to be, and doesn’t make your phone feel heavy. If you look at the case from a longer distance, you don’t even feel like there is a case. You can see from the photos below a very thin edge which doesn’t affect the whole look and feel of the silver finish of the Galaxy Note 2. As it almost preserves the original dimensions of the Note 2, users won’t feel so bulky for people with relatively smaller hands. You can see from the images below that a girl handles this huge phone nicely with this Flexishield Case.


Let’s talk about protection. Unlike those other cases that are crafted out of high-end material like metal or aluminum, this case emphasize on the full-protection it offers to customers. Some cases do leave holes at the antenna place or leave some space on the top and bottom to save production cost. This case is just different, you can see all the edges and corners are covered nicely. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about dropping the case on the floor which attracts dings and mints on your Note 2. Also as it covers the edges, your rings and other harder objects won’t hurt the Note 2. One thing good about this case is the soft material it uses for the side so it won’t damage your phone when it crash on something. You know some hard cases do harm your phone in a very bad way as if the cases do not exist. By the way, as the sides and edges are soft, you won’t be bothered to push your Note 2 into the case with force, it just nicely fitted in.



Is this case durable? Yes, I bet. It is not those cheap silicone case we encountered before. The material used to make this case is some very clean gel that won’t attract dust onto it. So you don’t have to worry about cleaning the case very often. I think you don’t have to clean it at all. Just remove some dust inside and put your Note 2 in and that’s all.




Overall, we are very satisfied with what this case offers. The protection is great and comprehensive. The colour looks great and works even better with White Galaxy Note 2. The design is slim and modern, distancing itself from some poor quality silicone gels sold on market. It also gives people with smaller hands a better grip on their Note 2 without any problems typing, taking pictures, waving the device. It won’t slip off from your hands unless you really want it to drop. We haven’t given a thorough durability and UV test to this case but hey, its only $15 dollars, it worths a go!

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Thanks Ross @ mobilefun.co.uk for the case

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