Cheaper Low End QWERTY Blackberry Pictured

Cheaper Low End QWERTY Blackberry Pictured

Blackberry 10 QWERTY


Well the big missing device of the year is the Blackberry Q10 – the latest QWERTY offering from Blackberry (formerly RIM)

That device hasn’t even been released yet and there are already leaks of a new unannounced device that is apparently in testing. This new device (pictured above) is supposedly a lower end budget device that will obviously come equipped with the latest blackberry firmware and that sexy iconic blackberry physical keyboard.

Nothing else is known about the device at this time. It sure looks nice though. I feel like Blackberry better get cracking on those QWERTY phones. They really don’t have a killer feature letting them compete in the slate touchphone arena. They could attack a pretty sizable sector of the market if they start shipping new QWERTY phones.

It remains to be seen if this phone will ever see the light of day.

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