More images of WIndows Blue Build 9369

More images of WIndows Blue Build 9369

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We reported on the Windows Blue which is going to debut later this year and there are some beta ISO leaked online. Some who are lucky enough got the chance to install the Windows Blue on their PCs and took some screenshots of it. From what we saw from earlier images, we can almost confirm the existence of Windows 8.1 Pro from Build 9375. The Build 9369 has a model name: 6.3.9369.0.fbl_partner_out14.130324-1300 (x64) and it has built in Internet Explorer 11, you can also refer to our older post for new features. The difference between Build 9369 and 9364 isn’t that big because the last edited date of 9369 and 9364 is very close to each other.

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