Next Generation Nexus 7 leaked: Price $149?

Next Generation Nexus 7 leaked: Price $149?

nexus-7So the Google I/O in May is approaching! Fans of Google Nexus 7 might be happy with this news because the Nexus 7 will get its next generation this year at the event. The new Nexus 7 joining the family is rumoured to have an even lower price with outstanding hardware specification. This is widely believed to be a tactic against its major rival – iPad mini from Apple and Amazon Kindle Fire.

Reuters said the next Generation Nexus 7 will put more focus on its price against its functionality to gain market share. In this new Nexus 7, Google will ditch Tegra 3 and use Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 Processor for it, the screen will be upgraded to 1080p and the tablet will feature is much slimmer design. No information regarding its storage and RAM. We only know that the captioned device is going to be produced by ASUS.

The next generation Nexus 7 is to be released in July 2013 and the price will be lower (approximately $149 compared to $199 of the current model). This price could bring a shock to the cheap tablet sector indeed.

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