HTC Facebook Phone: HTC First image leaked

HTC Facebook Phone: HTC First image leaked



Facebook is going to introduce its own feature phone with HTC this Thursday but fans of Facebook just can’t wait to see this new phone which will fully integrate the user experience of Facebook on a designated smartphone. However, from earlier leaked specification of the so-called HTC “Myst” it seems dull and discouraging.

Processor:MSMB8960 Dual Core


Display :4.3-inch 720p resolution

Android Version:4.1.2

Rear Camera: 5 Mega Pixel

Front Camera: 1.6 Mega Pixel

SD Slot: Nil

Connectivity: Bluetooth 4.0, WiFi a/b/g/n

Now people are speculating the looks of the Facebook phone made by HTC. @evleaks has published a photo that hints the Facebook phone. The design on the photo above looks very normal without anything attractive at all. Moreover, the it should be called “HTC first” instead of HTC “Myst”. Yet, whether the name is confirmed remains unknown. Some special features we see from the leaked image is that it has a Meizu MX2-similar rounded home button at the bottom. We still don’t know what that home button stands for. There are two function keys next to the home button and there’s nothing more!

The Facebook phone which will be revealed tomorrow will be a hot item, but how hot it is when compared to other flagship such as Samsung Galaxy S IV and HTC One? Is this a phone for fans or simply just a smartphone below market expectation?

Just a question: if this is a Facebook phone made for greatest experience of using Facebook, why can’t they upgrade the cameras to make it “the best photo phone in the world with social sharing on Facebook” or a phone for taking self-shots? Maybe the designers just believe that doesn’t matter how it looks – its Facebook that people are paying money for!

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