HTC China Unicom version leaked – non-unibody design revealed

HTC China Unicom version leaked – non-unibody design revealed



So we knew that the international version of the HTC One is a unibody design. Recent news said that there were production flaws with the unibody in which appears some gaps that shouldn’t have been visible on a unibody metal design.

Can the HTC One be opened? The answer is “yes” but in China only.

HTC One was registered with the telecom office yesterday, meaning the launch is not far away in China. One interesting news we got from Chinese source is that the HTC One in China Unicom has actually got a back cover which can be opened! The photo above shows an HTC One with its back cover removed. The image also suggests that there is a dual-sim version of the HTC One and there would be Micro-Sim slot just next to the SIM card slot. However, the battery remains non-removable.For US or UK customers, please note this version of HTC One is China-exclusive and it is running on GSM + WCDMA.

iFixit teardown photos tell us that the HTC One is hard to be dissembled. But its appearance on the Chinese market might give a different picture.

Indeed, HTC insisted too much on the unibody design and that makes it in lack of flexibility for customers who might look for dual-sim alternatives.

Source: mydrivers

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