HTC plans to promote customizable smartphones: DIY Phones and Accessories

HTC plans to promote customizable smartphones: DIY Phones and Accessories

We talked about some leading source in the field said that the smartphones can be customizable like PCs in the future. Some said that the upcoming X Phone by Motorola and Google which will be revealed on the Google I/O in May 2013 will give customers some options for them to choose themes, hardware specification, custom colour coating for their phones through the online stores. That is pretty much like how you shop a PC from Dell or newegg. However that rumour was found to be hardly possible because that involves huge technical difficulty. But don’t look so sad, here HTC said they will let customers DIY their smartphones!



HTC Greater China CEO Mr Ren WG said that HTC will launch online store in mid April this year featuring customizable business. The first phone that will be customizable is called HTC “E1″. Customers could input birthday, horoscope, gender information on the online store, which will then recommend matching specification and smartphones. After that, users could amend the RAM, Camera resolution, rear case colours and choose their own phone charger and ear phones.

Technically speaking, HTC can finish a customized smartphone in 20 minutes. This means of sales is directly generated from customers. Therefore HTC doesn’t have to split the profit or involve so many parties. HTC only needs to work on some changes in the production line to make customizable phones possible. He held that online customization might bring lower production cost to the company.

This could mark the first step in customizable hardware specifications for smartphones and it would become mature from time to time.

Source: mydrivers

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