Facebook HTC Myst Phone Software Leaked!

Facebook HTC Myst Phone Software Leaked!

Facebook HTC Myst Software Dump Leak

There have been many rumors about a second attempt at a “Facebook Phone” flying around the internet for the past few months. Finally, the pieces are coming together and seem to confirm that yes, there is a facebook phone. The HTC Myst is real.

According to the source at Android Police, The software for the Myst got leaked online and they did the honors of tearing the dump apart to find the secrets within. What they found was shocking to say the least.

It seems that Facebook is going for a different approach than they made with the previous attempts (The failed ChaCha and Salsa devices). This time they went more for a software approach. They will be including a heavily customized android launcher, and might be aiming to replace the entire sense skin with their own software.

facebook htc myst leak dump homescreen

The launcher and homescreens will be heavily optimized for Facebook use and will most likely include ways to instantly share to the social networking site from anywhere on the phone. Instead of including stock Android applications, things will be centered around the facebook ecosystem. If the indications from this leak are correct, this is going to be more facebook than Android.

facebook camera htc myst system dump leak


I’m actually very excited to see this launch. Facebook is still the most popular social network in the world with billions of users. In the past few years, they have really been focusing on streamlining their mobile applications and, while they haven’t focused much on performance, the number of features they have come out with is impressive. They now have a pretty packed portfolio of things that can integrate their site directly in to the phone system without having to use Android as the middle man. Its awesome to see such integration.

Who knows, maybe if this is a success then Google will learn something about Google+ integration in future versions of Android.

The phone itself is fairly midrange and is said to be launching soon. I’m sitting on pins and needles waiting for the announcement.


Source – Android Police

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