HTC One Production Flaws revealed – wide gap between plastic and metal

HTC One Production Flaws revealed – wide gap between plastic and metal

Numerous sources also point at the same problem on the surface of the HTC One unibody – wide gap between its plastic and metal surface. As the gap between looks unusual and inconsistent among devices, it

is widely regraded as a production flaw. These photos are fiercely being debated in Taiwan because some users do condemn about the gap, and even the earphone and MircoUSB slot looks rough. We won’t say it’s a crack but obviously it is not something HTC promised – unibody

Early in 19.3.2013 the XDA-Developer found this assembling problem and the debate went on non-stop. XDA-Developer found that the unibody of HTC One is only the rear and the side case but the front panel is made by plastic. The gap between metal and plastic is filled by glue but if something goes wrong in the gluing process, it will make the gap visible and somehow unacceptable. Users with this problem are encouraged to take the HTC One for refund or exchange for a new one because the ads of HTC said their ONE is made out of a unibody design, which is now below reasonable expectation.

Rather than saying the gap between plastic and metal, we would like to point out that the finishing at the earphone, charging slot looks rough. These problems even happen on the sales prototype of HTC One which were sent to various places for reviews and sales purpose.

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Will this lead to a loss of confidence in HTC’s quality assurance and production quality? Will you buy HTC One given you have seen the photos above, let us know what you think!

Source: mydrivers

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  • Jack Chen


    • usvi

      I don’t think it is fake. I went to a couple of at&t stores and was playing with the
      live demo. All the htc ones either had a gap or edges was over lapping in some areas. I didn’t believe what i was hearing so i had to check for myself. i waited so long for this phone, but for me, i can’t see myself paying 650.00 for these kind of flaws. i will have to wait until these issue are taken care of. i literally squeeze the areas with the gap and you can see it open and close. I hope HTC can take care of this before all those pre order go out on the 19th/ on sale. I will not be good for them if this is still an issue after the 19th. I wish them luck, i’ll stay on the side line for a little while and see how the next batch looks on the 19th.

  • a dude

    I have an HTC One and it has this problem and it drives me nuts

  • DanaEvans

    I just got mine from Amazon and have a similar problem on the left side of the phone by the speaker grill. There was also a mark by the hole where you insert the sim card. Looks like someone tried to open the sim card tray using an ink pen. There is also some roughness on the white rubber that runs around the phone- also on the left hand side. I purchased mine from Amazon. Sending it back now.