Samsung confirms Galaxy S IV mini launch in June 2013 (Update: announcement in this week)

Samsung confirms Galaxy S IV mini launch in June 2013 (Update: announcement in this week)


The leaked photos of GS4 mini are real! Samsung seems to have confirmed the existence of such phone.

The Galaxy S IV is going to be released as earliest as 26.4.2013. It is the fastest phone on earth ever. I could bring huge success to Samsung in the coming year. It is believed that the Samsung Galaxy S IV mini will also come along with its bigger brother in June or July 2013.

Basically the GS4 mini is a smaller GS4. Its design includes the premium silver finish edge and 4.3 inch AMOLED (960 x 640, 256 pip). Its processor will be 1.8 Ghz Dual core Exynos 5210, with 1 GB RAM, optional 8GB/16GB/32GB internal storage (supports MicroSD card max. 32 GB). There might also be dual sim version in the GS4 mini. For the smart features that are unique to Samsung Products after the release of GS4, it might also support smart scroll and smart stay in the GS4 mini. The mini also runs on Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean with the latest TouchWiz and 8 mega pixel main camera.

There are in total 4 models of the GS4 mini which is GT-9190, GT-9192 (dual sim version), GT-9195 (4G LTE), GT-9198 (China version).

If you feel like a 5 inch screen is too big for you meanwhile a 4 inch screen of iPhone 5 could be too small, the GS4 mini could be a way out with its outstanding hardware specification. However, since a smaller screen might not boast Full HD displays, this might be a major turn-down for most of the customers looking for the GS4 mini. Yet, its still a good news to hear from Samsung that they are releasing a mini for the GS4 series. We hope that more information will be surfaced soon.

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