Next generation Nexus 4 images. A facelift?

Next generation Nexus 4 images. A facelift?



LG x Google Nexus 4 is famous its reasonable price and top hardware specification last year. But there might be some flaws in its design that requires a little facelift. Since the Nexus 4’s rear case was built with flat glassy material. When you place the phone on the table or any flat surface, the speaker of the phone will be entirely covered, damaging the audio output quality. Some users said they couldn’t receive phone calls because the volume is to low. Some leaked images of the enhanced version of Nexus 4 suggest that there might be dots at the bottom to slightly lift the device up for better sound quality.

The new version of Nexus 4 also has slight improvement of the camera where you see from the photos that the camera lens looks smaller in the new version. But would that be a problem when people mistakenly thought the flashlight to be the camera lens?

Anyway we are not sure about when this version of Nexus 4 will come out in the market and we are pending more information from other sources.

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Source: mydrivers

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