Is Samsung Galaxy S IV’s 2,600 mAh battery enough? Battery performance revealed

Is Samsung Galaxy S IV’s 2,600 mAh battery enough? Battery performance revealed



GSMArena conducted a battery endurance test and provided people with a “63 hr” endurance rating. The 3G Talk Time of the GS4 is 13:53 hrs, while its web browsing is around 8:42 hours and also 10:16 hours of video playback. The GS 4’s battery was presented quite in a high profile way on the Samsung Mobile Unpacked 2013. The battery capacity of the GS4 is 2,600 mAh and it is 500 mAh more than the GS 3. Despite the bigger battery, the GS4’s hard specification has changed a lot including its 5 inch 1080p Full HD display and its Snapdragon Quad Core processor which might both be big consumer of the improved battery. The Exynos 5410 processor was claimed to be very battery efficient. This time the GT-I9505 is brought to test. However, the 8 core version of GS4 is still not yet available for test.

3G Talk Time:



The 3G Talk Time test is operated with the screens off. The GS4 could stand for around 14 hours, having an even match result with its major rival HTC One. Surprisingly, the Talk Time is slightly lower than the Nexus 4 and OPPO Find 5.

Web Browsing:

c09b64e503804c8f9ec22920274124a4The test was based on white background webpages which is quite a disadvantage for those AMOLED displays. But the Galaxy S 4 could stand for around 9 hours, very close to its Samsung Galaxy Note 2.

Video Playback:



In terms of video playback, it seems to be AMOLED’s strength, but GS4 only lasts for 10 hours which is slightly better than iPhone 5 (1424 mAh). The result was disappointing yet acceptable.

Basically, if you talk, browse and watch video for 1 hour respectively, you GS4 could stand for at least 63 hours. Yet, in other words, it still needs to be charged daily for most of the users.

Source: mydrivers

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