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Glide – the world’s first instant video messaging app. An introduction and review.

Glide – the world’s first instant video messaging app. An introduction and review.


The Glide App is very cool and it has been leading the way in the video messaging. We know that Skype has also released a video message function for their subscribers, but please be aware that the Skype instant video messages are actually PAID features and you have only 20 free video messages if you don’t buy Skype Premium. Free is always better. The Glide App is entirely free and it can also integrate with your social media services such as Facebook to access contacts. From the video above you get some basic idea of how this app works in your daily life. We have been relying too much on Texting and applications such as WhatsApp, LINE…etc. Although Apple does have some awesome features such as Facetime, seldom do we remember to make full use of the front facing camera of your iPhone to communicate. In addition, it is really hard sometimes to get people online chatting with you in real time. The growing need of video messaging is seen as a greatly desired service and the Glide App team is certainly on the ball with this service.



The very remarkable thing with regards to this app is its offline reading capability. Google + has its famous Google Hangout function, but it is increasingly harder to get people together at one place. As it is hard to get everyone online at the same moment, Glide might be one way out for both daily use or business. Videos recorded can be watched later and it will be sync from their servers rather than being saved on your phones. On one hand it could save your memory storage and, on the other hand, it could be viewed anytime. Sending video greetings while friends and relatives are apart is made easy by Glide. Why Business? That’s because in Glide, you can also create chat groups and exchange video messages together. I tried this with my colleague at work. I asked him to troubleshoot my computer problems and he recorded and sent a video message to my Glide and yes! I followed his video instruction and got things done. Things as simple as this can be done with Glide, with capability for more advanced functions retained. For relatives, I think if you both use Glide, it is much better leaving a video message than a cold voice message which might also incur cell phone charges. Why not just record a video and shoot it to the one you want to? Glide makes a possible alternative for voice messages too. Of course, we understand that video means recording pictures of you. Sometimes you need to get dressed up and made up to use the Glide but it is still an interesting way to share videos for conversation.


Using Glide to chat is very simple. Just tap on the record button at the bottom when you see yourself, then here you go, speak! The video messages will be played automatically so you don’t have to worry playing or stopping the videos when you are on something else. The whole chatting experience is great and user friendly. You will know what I mean if you download it for free.

Glide is a great new way of communication. We surely hope this could become part of our life. What we at myphonedaily expect from the Glide in the future is its arrival at the Android Platform and an integration with the iOS users. We think that Glide could have the potential to develop into something like LINE and WhatsApp, those cross-platform messaging applications, to widen their user base. Last but not least, we figure a PC version might help growing the number of users because there might be some user prefer using such service on a desktop (where you sit tight and speak) to recording videos with shaky hands while on phone.


App description


Glide is the world’s first instant video messaging app. It allows you to communicate through video messages as quickly and seamlessly as texting. Using patent pending, real-time video technology, Glide messages are broadcast live to chat participants and simultaneously saved to the cloud.

This means that you never miss a message, even if you were offline or unavailable.

“Frustrated by the scheduling and time commitment required for live video chat, we decided to create a new genre of video conversation that fuses streaming video with messaging. The result: a rich, engaging experience not limited by time constraints or availability.”

Glide is the brainchild of Ari Roisman, Jonathan Caras and Adam Korbl. They established the company in 2012. In January 2013, Philippe Schwartz – founder & former CEO of ooVoo – joined the company as executive director.




Key Features:

  • Livechat – be seen by your friends in real-time as you broadcast without needing to wait for videos to upload or download.
  • One-tap broadcast – instantly broadcast video messages with a single tap. Friends online will see you in live; if they’re offline or unavailable, they can watch your message later.
  • Real-time cloud storage – messages are saved directly to the cloud, so they don’t take up space on your phone and can be viewed at any time.
  • Autoplay – catch up on conversations as easily as watching a movie with a one-touch replay of messages in chronological order.
  • Group chat – chat in huge groups without having to schedule in advance.
  • Text & Emoji – send texts and emoji to keep the conversation rolling when video is inconvenient, or to react in real-time as friends are chat-listbroadcasting.
It’s kinda like Voxer for video, and there’s nothing else like it on the market!

Glide combines the personality of video chat with the convenience of texting, allowing you to send video messages to friends even if they’re busy or offline, that can be watched in real-time or later when convenient. Video messages are stored on the cloud so they don’t take up any space on your phone and you can watch them anytime. Download Glide from the AppStore and watch their video!

Thanks Adam Korbl, Co-Founder & CMO of Glide for sharing the press kit with us. Good luck with the App!

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