Sony Xperia Z lockscreen breached. Who’s next?

Sony Xperia Z lockscreen breached. Who’s next?



Following the news of Apple iPhone lockscreen and Samsung Galaxy Note 2 lockscreen’s security problem reported earlier, we’ve found online another hot device has been hacked – Sony Xperia Z. Indeed, there were lots of news on the technical problems people experienced with their new phone including bricking and 1080p screen size compatibility and even camera lags.

To breach the passcode of the Xperia Z, all you need is to enter the emergency call dialer and input *#*#7378423#*#* and then you will enter the service menu. After entering the service menu select Service Tests > NFC > NFC diagnostics and then press Home Button. The Xperia Z is all yours.

All source of problems seem to have lead to the emergency call functions on the passcode lock. It seems smartphones are especially vulnerable in terms of the emergency calls and this might not be the end of similar topics. We expect more news will come up!

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