Samsung 6.3 inch Fonblet appears on official web page

Samsung 6.3 inch Fonblet appears on official web page


There were many devices with huge screens revealed on the MWC2013 including the Huawei Ascend Mate. Samsung, as the number 1 phone producer in the world, will not let its competitors win the match. The South Korean phone giant is now launching a new phablet with 6.3 inch screen called the Galaxy Fonblet. It doenst matter what the name is, Fonblet is simply what we usually refer to as phablet nowadays depicting huge screens on a smartphone with good phone and tablet integration. As of now, the Galaxy Fonblet is categorized in the tablet segment on Samsung’s official page. On the website, it shows that the Fonblet 6.3 will be available in three models (GT-I9200, GT-I9205, GT-I9208) and they will respectively support GSM, LTE/WCDMA, and TD-SCDMA/GSM.

The Fonblet runs on Android and it doesn’t belong to any existing Galaxy series like Galaxy S(GS4), Galaxy Note. It is expected to go for the mid-range market and the screen will be in LCD instead of AMOLED. They ditch AMOLED because it is used for flagship phones and tablet but not for mid-range models like the Note 8.

The Galaxy Fonblet was originally planned to be released Q1 in 2013 but it seems Q1 has passed therefore it might not be available shortly. We assume it would be announced in late April.

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