Windows Blue ISO leaked again: preview screenshots – Build 9364

Windows Blue ISO leaked again: preview screenshots – Build 9364

This morning we found Windows Blue Build 9364 leaked on the web and Neowin Downloaded the version and took some screenshots

Build 9364 belongs to M1 of Windows Blue. It’s installation page and interface

looks alike the Windows 8 one/ it is just the fading effects are a bit different. However, it is just some initial release of the Windows 8 so we don’t expect big changes.

Size: 2.63 GB
HASH: 179B588DFC21CCF4B76B7E9BE505A51D00F52D6F





According to a video uploaded in youku, the windows blue build 9364 has some new functions with regards to its metro interface. You can create smaller boxes like what people do on their windows phone 8. If you scroll up on the metro interface, you can view “all applications” without right clicking your mouse and enter the “all application” at the bottom.

For more information of the new features of the Windows 8, kindly refer to our another article on it.

Source: mydrivers, Neowin

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