What are the new features in Windows Blue?

What are the new features in Windows Blue?

We reported on the leaked ISO of Windows 8 build 9364 on the web. There are so many screenshot piling up after the leak. Let us summarize some key new features that we have found from these screenshots.

1. Windows Blue’s metro will have more boxes (tile) that lets you decide the dimensions of the bricks in the metro interface.


2.multitasking improvement: windows blue supports parallel applications of the same size running on the screen. Moreover, you can also open up to 4 same size windows to perform multi-tasking.



3. More personalized themes and background.


4. An enhanced integration with the skydrive


5. The “Charms” sidebar adds “Play”, “Print” and “Share” options. In the share option you can also choose to take screenshot and share with people


6. Windows Blue has built in IE11 and IE 11 will add synchronization of the tabs


7. In the start menu, there will be more built in tools such as alarms, calculator, movie moments and recording.




Source: mydrivers

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