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Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Plus: 8 core + AMOLED? Coming late 2013


According to Sammobile, Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Plus will have an 8 core processor (Exynos 5 CPU), Super AMOLED Full HD screen. At this moment, we still can’t confirm the screen size of this flagship tablet in 2013 released by Samsung. But it appears to us that the captioned tabled would be much likely to be available in 10.1 inch or 11.6 inch.

Samsung made use of high resolution PLS screens instead of AMOLED on Nexus 10. Users review find the AMOLED better than the PLS screen because its darkness and colour saturation performance is much better.

If the rumours are true, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Plus could be the tablet with highest specification on the market.

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